Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kye Kye- Young Love Album Review!

Kye Kye is one of my favorite bands. They were formally known as Paper Rings and they played at my school, Crown College, and I fell in love with them. Olga, the lead singer, has a voice that floats. I am not a huge fan of female vocalists, but Olga's voice is not harsh or shrill making her voice easy to listen to. The band is a family from the west coast and there music is creatively christian. They do not use the simple and typical lyrics like some artists but also root their lyrics in scripture.

The style is interesting mix of, as they claim on their facebook page, Indie/Electronica/Experimental/Organic. This album in particular has a nice chill feel through out. It is hard to understand any of the lyric so it make it hard to sing along but then you don't have to listen to you friends bad voice right? Umm... good use of real and electronic instruments. Well here are some tracks to watch for:

Key tracks: Broke, Knowing This, Walking This
One I don't like: Peace Song (cheesy instramentals)

Their Remix of this album could actually be better than the album itself upping the anti so to speak in intensity dropping even bigger beats. I would recommend listening to them and then having a dance party with them. Don't forget the glow sticks?

Also, check out this vid of them covering a U2 song...